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About us

Herbaceous borderWe are a group of people with all sorts of backgrounds but with a common desire to help maintain the Botanic Gardens as one of the ‘jewels in the crown’ of Christchurch.

We see the Gardens as more than a pretty park and take an interest in the plants that grow there and in the scientific and educational activities that go with having a Botanic gardens in the city.

Current committee members of the Friends of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens are:

  • President:
    Jeanette Christensen
Ph: 021 263 7229
  • Vice President:
    Jane Cowan-Harris
Ph: 021 043 5342
  • Secretary:
    Graham Chick
Ph: 385 9264
  • Treasurer:
    Carol Halstead
  • Membership database:
    Claire Mulcock
Ph: 027 441 5605
  • Plant Propagation:
    Don Bell
Ph: 343 6699
  • Committee:
    Alan Morgan
    Penny Martin
    Mary Carnegie
    Vicki Steven
    Nona Milburn
  • Newsletter Editor:
    Annette Burnett
  • Garden guides Co-ordinator:
    Susan Lawrence
Ph: 021 120 6258
  • Group guided walks:
    Pat Whitman
Ph: 384 3475
  • Garden Enquiries Info Centre:
    (03) 941 6840 xtn 7590
  • This website was created
    April 2012 by
    Murray Dawson
    for the Friends.


For more information you can email the Friends:

Post: PO Box 73036
Orchard Road
Christchurch 8154
New Zealand