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The Friends become involved in and support projects that add to the value and attractiveness of the Gardens.

Recently, the Friends have, for example:

  • Commented on the Botanic Gardens Spatial Plan.
  • Commented on the naming of the Lawrie Metcalf Herbarium.
  • Provided volunteers for Mission Headquarters, Misletoe project and ‘Reading in the Wild’.
  • Updated a commemorative trees pamphlet.
We have also sponsored:
  • A biodiversity/entomological survey of the Botanic Gardens.
  • A trainee gardener to attend the University of Canterbury Cass Botany Field Courses over a number of years.
  • Horticultural books for the Botanic Gardens library.
  • Friends garden guides to attend the Australasian biannual guides conference.
  • ‘Reading in the Wild’ project.
We also offer Gardens staff a biannual study/financial grant, which benefits the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.